How long can you go before you get tangled?!

The challenge is to jump, high five, shake, dance, twist and more without letting go of Hands Full!
Can you beat the game?   

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Hands Full!
Hands Full!
Hands Full!
Hands Full!
Hands Full!

Get Your Hands Full! Today

Put your twisting to the test with this game night essential! With over a million tangled combinations that you can jump into right away Hands Full gets you moving with quick and easy fun! 

- 1 to 4 player game
- 3 modes: Solo, Survivor, Team
- Includes 3x AAA batteries
- Free shipping anywhere in continental US

Join the #HandsFullChallenge

Step 1: Get a Hands Full

Step 2: Choose between Solo Mode, Survivor Mode, or Team Mode

Step 3: Try and beat the game

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